Inspired to Productivity

April promises to be incredibly busy. Four new workshops begin next week. A fifth is schedule to begin on Saturday mornings at the end of the month. In addition to preparing for these classes at different locations, I still have my monthly column to write, book projects to work on, articles to complete, clients to work with, and my college students to deal with.

Since the college semester is on the final lap, those students are scrambling to turn in late work and finish lab requirements. Meanwhile, I need to calculate final grades. It’s a lot to juggle, but instead of draining me all this activity inspires me.

First, I enjoy meeting the workshop participants. These are writers at various levels who enroll in 4- to 6-week courses. Hearing about their projects reminds me of the variety of ideas floating around out there. As I listen to their in-class writing, I marvel at the variety of ideas triggered by the same writing prompt. Often, their projects and ideas will remind me of a project I put on hold long ago.

Second, I have always enjoyed staggering projects. So, as I’m in the middle of one, I’m generating the details and initial plan for a new project. As I finish the revision on another, I’m creating the first scenes of the next project–or gathering facts and outlining, if it’s a nonfiction project. The teaching is the same. The energy of meeting new students and motivating them for the course carries me through in wrapping up the current course.

Finally, the writing and teaching balance each other. My writing inspires my teaching and my teaching inspires my writing. It’s win-win. Though April is booked, I look forward to encouraging and guiding all my writers, whether workshop pros or college freshman. In the end, I have a feeling it will be quite a productive month.

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