Warning Signs

When friends ask how I manage to juggle everything, I usually smile. I thrive on variety. I used to love multitasking (though it eventually led to my need to “unplug”). I enjoy jumping from one project to the next. I’m energized by teaching in different venues and working on both fiction and nonfiction projects simultaneously.

Sometimes we need to heed warning signs our bodies send out. I ignored the ache and tight muscles in my back last weekend. I noticed but dismissed the weight of a cart used to lug books and various items to the start of two new writing workshops. I could not ignore the sharp pains that made it difficult to sit, stand, reach, or do anything normal the next day.

Gratefully, I was able to cancel a workshop and pamper the injury. But, I didn’t get to write–or teach–so next time, I’ll listen when my body speaks.

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