Retreated, Refreshed, and Revised

I spent the weekend focused on refilling the creative well. I took a “private” retreat since plans for first a writing conference, and later a retreat, didn’t pan out. Reading, watching squirrels in the white pines and water birds at the pond, and planning new projects at the pool filled my time.

I left my watches behind and kept my phone off. One night I went to bed at 3 a.m.–didn’t even realize the time–because I wasn’t tired and the book I’d been reading all day was really engaging. Simply doing what I wanted on my own time was so refreshing. (And can’t beat the cost of hanging out at home.)

A new perspective within the same scenery can do wonders. I felt so energized. The best part is, I finished a MS revision. It’s off to the editor. So is a grant application for a WIP. And now I’m ready to tackle the next project, plan the next workshop, and get excited about book promo.

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