All Things Writing

Words are my business! I write, I edit, I teach, I create and give presentations. Obviously words are important to me. They’ve fascinated me since before I could read. As a writer and educator I enjoy sharing all I’ve learned during 25 years as a professional writer. So, when I’m not writing or teaching (college, elementary arts enrichment, and writing workshops), I enjoy coaching other writers of all levels.

New writers need help with craft, with how best to weave their words into captivating tales. Other writers need motivation and encouragement when the rejections arrive. Even established authors benefit from someone who truly understands this business. And, it never hurts to have someone to be accountable to in reaching those writing goals. For all these writers, I’ve created this blog. I’ll focus on the craft of writing, words, the writing process, and publishing. 

Click the links if you’re looking for my “wonderings and wanderings,” visit my website for more about me and my books. For news about upcoming programs visit “Lisa Wroble Writing” on Facebook.


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