Meditating, Naturally

One of my favorite ways to begin the day is to slip outside while the coffee’s brewing. I have an incredible view of a pond surrounded by greenery—trees, shrubs, and tropical vegetation—and a multitude of wildlife. The sun rises in the front of the building and I’m able to watch as it slowly illuminates the pine trees just beyond my lanai.

Squirrels play tag in the trees, causing the scales of pine bark to crackle and the branches to rustle as they bounce from branch to branch. Meanwhile birds sing and call as egrets and Louisiana herons stalk fishes in the pond. An occasional foursome interrupts the natural serenade–some silent except for the crack of the club to its tiny round target, and others whose curses or conversations echo the second tee.

Once my coffee is ready, I sip it as I listen and watch, allowing my mind to ponder the drape of the long white pine needles or the patterns in the fanned palmetto fronds. It’s sort of a meditation, this routine; a quiet but energizing start to my day. It’s a luxury I can indulge more frequently during the summer. After this ritual, I’m ready to put pen to paper as I record the day’s beginning in my journal and then turn to filling a blank screen with words.


One thought on “Meditating, Naturally

  1. Que envy. What a wonderful way to start the day.

    It’s no wonder you’re able to so clearly capture the beauty through words. Quiet introspection like that is something we all need but get far too little of.

    Thanks for the post. Great reminder to take a little time to reset before strapping into the wild ride of life!

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