Technology. Gotta love it. Except when it bogs down, doesn’t sync, or otherwise causes problems.

For an entire month I’ve run scans, updated, restored, and finally resorted to superstition. As I push the power button I cross my fingers and hop on one foot. Oh, and I use the power of positive thinking. This time it will work. This time my document will open and it won’t be gibberish. This time the dang machine will recognize the printer (and not send my document to some mysterious black hole instead of actually printing it).

This all began the second week in July when I discovered that wireless service was part of my combined internet/voice package. All I had to do was request a router and I could use my other devices anywhere in the house (or outside if I felt like it). For free. No additional internet fees. Just request the device and hook it up.

Cool! I set up wireless security first. Made sure I was ready with my networked devices. But once I decided to sync everything a black cloud of techno troubles descended. Of course that was about the time a severe thunderstorm flickered with the power for several minutes. But the main computer powered back up without a problem. It was the next day that strange things began to happen. And the hours of trying this and restoring that began.

It wasn’t only at home that this black cloud of electronic mishap followed me. On campus our newly renovated room was a steam box for the first hour of class. Once the AC kicked on it became an ice box.

A room change led to a disrupted lecture until IT delivered and set up speakers on the computer in the new classroom. The next week I arrived Monday morning to discover the mouse was missing. This time IT was busy elsewhere so I couldn’t use the computer until our next class meeting.

Meanwhile, I’ve slowly reversed the glitches on the office and laptop computers. What was wrong? I have no idea. How did I fix it? I have no idea. Things that should not have made a difference seemed to do something to correct whatever was wrong. The same thing happened when I helped maintain the computer network at the library where I used to work. The right sequence and a lot of luck did the trick. Or, perhaps regular updates on the main computer created and then corrected the problems. Who knows?

The only glitch left is the printer. I get to play USB Roulette. If I’m lucky, the USB port the printer is using today will work and the printer will actually print. If it doesn’t work then I try another port and, most of the time, it works—until the next time I turn the computer on. Then it’s a toss-up. Maybe it won’t detect the printer. If it does, it might tell me it printed when the machine sits quietly waiting for a purpose. If I hit the jackpot, well then I’m able to print—on actual paper.

What’s that hideous laughter? Just me. Losing my mind. Trying to stay positive. Dealing with technology woes. Ah, technology. Gotta love it!