Symbol of Simplicity

Several weeks ago I decided to sprout an avocado seed. The problem is, I’ve been so distracted I failed to trim it back and follow the steps for growing a houseplant from an avocado. By the time I had a chance to plant it, the stem was about 12 inches tall with about six 1- to 2-inch leaves.

I finally made the time to plant it. At first it looked ridiculous in its 6-inch diameter pot, like a stick looming above the soil with a few bits of green at the top. This really bugged me for a few days, and I wondered whether it would end up an avocado tree rather than a plant.

Within a few days, however, I found looking at it calmed me. This stick with a few leaves sprouting from the top, all alone in an overly-large pot became a symbol of simplicity. Simplicity because it looks uncluttered. Just the avocado stick and the pot. Simplicity because it stands tall–lanky but strong and straight despite its environment. Simplicity because it focuses on its purpose–growing. It has now filled out with more than a dozen leaves, several of which are almost the length of the stalk.

My avocado stick is now a plant. It has grown into its pot but remains a reminder to me to focus on simplicity. When I look at it, I’m reminded to keep my life uncluttered, stand tall and strong, and focus on my purpose.

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