Shades of Green

My sister was in town a few weeks ago and stayed with me. While she was here we took a walk through the community where I live and something she said has struck a cord that continues to resonate.

The day of our walk was a typipop of purple in greenerycally bright, beautiful day in southern Florida and she marveled at all the colors in the beautifully landscaped yards and common areas. “Even the greens are colorful; there are so many shades of green.”

She’s right. I recall noticing the same thing when I first moved here, but I’ve since taken it for granted. She’s from Michigan and at this time of year even green with a few pops of pink, yellow, or purple from flowering trees is “colorful” compared to gray skies and brown, leafless trees and dead grass.

Though these photos barely reveal the vibrant colors and shades she saw, they do show the landscaping were I live which  is thick with tropical plants and trees. The greens vary from liCommunity landscapingght to dark, drab and dusky with yellows and browns in equally varied shades.

I recall being struck by how much green I noticed all around me after moving to Florida. Then I noticed how vivid the greens looked and how many green plants thrived side-by-side, yet the palette was far from boring. It reminded me of my favorite box of  Crayola crayons I had as a kid–the largest one with the sharpener on the back and the rows of green in various shades. Olive green, forest green, blue-green, yellow-green, (not to be confused with green-blue or green-yellow, which were slightly different shades), pine green, Screamin’ green, ultra green, and I’m sure the list goes on.

I guess I needed the reminder that I’m lucky to view a tremendous palette of color  every day and should show some gratitude. Sometimes it’s nice to see our daily lives through the eyes of a visitor.


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