Happy May Day!

May Day, a symbol of  springtime, of rebirth and renewal. It’s exactly the time to celebrate launching a new chapter and exciting things on the horizon. This year it also has personal importance to me since I have finally concluded an especially hectic semester. I didn’t think I would survive, but I did; that alone is worth celebrating.

January to April is always hectic for me since it’s “season” in Florida and on top of teaching college and arts enrichment classes, I offer writing workshops through various venues.  Additionally, this semester I was honored to also be among the inaugural faculty for a first-year experience college course which involved also serving on related committees. My plate was overloaded in trying to balance the teaching, writing, and personal events of the last few months. Having gotten through it with my sanity (mostly) intact and my attitude only slightly frayed, I feel like a champion.

But, despite the “success” of having plowed through the last few months, I did spend the month of April re-evaluating my goals and laying the foundation for new pathways toward my  future. In fact, though April was National Poetry Month, I never had a chance to share any of my poems or those by beloved poets. I did, however, live “First Fig,” one of my favorite poems and the one that led me to discover a favorite poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay. I was definitely burning my candle “from both it’s ends” and yes, it most definitely “gives a lovely light.”

So, it’s time to set off on the pathway I have spent so much of the past month preparing. I’m eager to see where it leads and confident that it will allow me to better balance all those things that are important to me without making me feel I’m not giving life my all.

Here’s to springtime, rebirth, and a fresh start. Happy May Day!