Hello to Autumn’s Change

This is been an intense summer. An intense year actually, and I hope that things will now start to settle. It’s definitely the perfect time since autumn is the sleepy evening before winter’s slumber takes hold.

This year has been filled with family issues, illness and heartache. There have also been work issues; chaos at one company but new business to fit in among the tilt and change happening in publishing. So, altogether it has been one intense year.

But the winds are shifting and, though I feel exhausted by all this intensity, something fresh is flowing this way. I can feel it. Things will settle into place because those always seem to at this time of year.

As summer simmers to a close, autumn brews new beginnings. I guess I’ve always felt this way each September as the new school year starts. It’s a change of pace and ripe with possibility. I always got excited about buying new clothes and school supplies and was eager to learn something new. So, as drained as I might feel I’m also very excited by the promise of the coming months.

Here’s to a new school year and all the excitement it holds. Here’s to the new courses I’m creating for two of the programs I teach for, and to the determination I feel for the my writing projects this fall. Happy autumn everyone!

One thought on “Hello to Autumn’s Change

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