Good Morning, Season!

It’s officially here. “Season” in southern Florida. The grocery stores are crowded with people trying to find the aisle they need. It now takes twice the time to travel down the road than it did just last week.

Snow birds have landed in my town! With them they bring “paradise weather.” The mornings are cooler with lower humidity and warm breezes. This is welcome relief after the thick and heavy humidity and brain-melting heat of July and August. The best part is the sunshine and the rising warmth–around 20 degrees by late afternoon.

Arrival of “paradise weather” is equivalent to the anticipation of spring’s arrival in the northern states. When I was growing up in Michigan, I recall my mother throwing open all the windows at the first of the sunny, warmer weather of April and May. She then commenced “spring cleaning” after being “cooped up” during the winter months. The same is true here, though delayed by months. Everyone retreats during the heat of summer and, now that the climate changes overnight (weather and influx of people and vehicles), we throw open doors and windows, allowing the breeze to blow through the house. Then, sigh with the knowledge that this is the beginning of several months of beautifully sunny days.

So, as I make plans to reorganize my house, commence a thorough cleaning, then a purging of closets, I am also revising my attitude and schedule. Thank you to the snow birds who have alerted me that “season” has arrived. I may need more time to commute to the workshops and classes I teach, but I certainly no longer need to confine my “office hours” to the desk and A/C. I’m looking forward to venturing with notebook and keyboard to the lanai, the pool, the beach, the café, and the many outdoor seating areas at local restaurants.

Good morning, Season. Welcome to Paradise.