Permission to be Playful

This has been a busy week (well, month and year, too) so I’m pleased that I’ve managed to keep juggling everything. In fact, it feels like an accomplishment to move from project to project and workshop to workshop. Yes! I can do it all and have fun too!

I can’t do this without a good planner, so I’ve been looking for a solution. Something better than I’ve used in the past; something inspirational. I think I’ve found it. At least, I found a site last week that looks promising: Bloom:  grow-your-joy

It’s bright and fun. It has quotes (always a plus) and it has a weekly newsletter which I signed up for. Of course, I didn’t have a chance to read it until just before I left for a conference. But, I’ve thought about the advice: To have fun. To connect with my inner child. To do something like turning cartwheels or blowing bubbles. Just, have fun!

While I had a great time at the conference, I came home with so much to process. I needed to do something but I couldn’t really focus until I sorted through all this new info and how I planned to use it. And, I kept thinking about child-like fun.

Finally, I grabbed some markers and crayons left over from a children’s program. And I colored. I found some kids’ coloring pages online and I colored. It was fun. And, just as when I was a kid, I thought about my stories while I colored. I even printed a second copy to scribble outside the lines.

It was a enjoyable, and it was productive. I thought about a new scene for my novel-in-progress. I also discovered the seed of a short story idea. Most importantly, I found the joy in just selecting colors and doing something quiet.

What a gift, the permission to be playful and childlike. To find joy in something simple to help balance a complicated life. I can’t wait until Wednesday when another newsletter arrives to help me grow my joy!

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