Survival of the Technologically Savvy

Finally! Success. I’ve been playing with the gadgets and accessories I received for Christmas. Someday soon I’ll “get” how to sync my PC docs with iCloud. (At the moment, it’s just easier to e-mail them to myself because I love iAWriter and don’t use DropBox.)

And, who imagined using Bluetooth could be so easy–and so much fun? The one problem I’m encountering with this new technology (well, other than figuring out how to get my devices to recognize it–don’t bother reading the instructions because they are for an older model or something) is that it’s supposed to make my life more productive, yet I find my self having to “adapt.” Each device and app (that allows typing) has a slightly different keyboard layout. Couple that with different tools and accessories I use and I always need a minute or two to “adjust” to the “tool” I’m using at the moment. Even simply typing a search string into Google can be a challenge depending on whether I’m using the online (touch screen) keyboard, my home desktop computer, my laptop, or one of several “keyboard” devices I use during travel.

But, in the end, I figure I’m simply keeping my mind sharp. Forcing myself to “adapt” to the device of the moment reinforces how we all should strive to focus on the here-and-now, the present, or life in this moment. That in itself is a huge benefit for me. (Imagine, please, an exclamation point there – I can’t find it on my keyboard-of-the-moment.)

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a peaceful and productive New Year!

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