Celebrating a Milestone

The final week in May. It’s been a struggle getting here since I struggled with a few tough decisions these past few months. But, I made it. What makes this “accomplishment” more joyous is celebrating my 25th anniversary as a published author. 25-logo

I’m excited! Twenty-five years ago I was writing regular (if infrequent) articles for special sections of a weekly newspaper where I worked downstairs in the production department. It was a great way to gain some experience “stringing” and those bylines opened doors for my other freelance submissions.  I’ve spent time during May tracking my career and thinking about goals for the summer. I have to say that I’m excited by the many different projects I’ve undertaken  (many I’d forgotten about until I went looking through the archives). Despite the ups and downs, the times I considered giving up, and struggle to accept how my creativity worked and just go with it, I’m glad that I stuck it out. I cannot think of a more fulfilling career. And, the best part has been that I can change focus and head in a new direction whenever I feel myself growing bored or wishing for a new challenge.

The WIP Files: Advice from a Working Writing Vol 1:  Inspired by Facts available as Kindle download

The WIP Files: Advice from a Working Writing
Vol 1: Inspired by Facts available as Kindle download

To celebrate this anniversary, I’ve compiled my favorite articles from a column I wrote for the  SCBWI-Michigan Newsletter from 1996-2002. I’d used a few of them as handouts in my writing workshops and participants asked for more. I finally listened to them and made to time to create an ebook.

As a gift to myself, I’ve made time this summer to focus on a few projects that kept getting tabled due to contracted work. Oh, I still have that work, but I’m balancing my time to make progress on the others. I feel renewed and wish I’d made a big deal over previous writing milestones.

So, what are your goals for summer? What writing milestones have you overlooked? How do you plan on celebrating? Happy writing everyone!

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