On the Bookshelf


On this page you’ll find updates on Lisa’s books and news of upcoming events–book fairs, presentations, school visits, book signings. If you’re looking specifically for Lisa’s children’s book or writing, please click here to visit her author page.

October 2016

FGCU Literacy Festival Flyer


June 2016scbwi-2016-summerlist

Dealing with Stress (Enslow, 2011) is on the SCBWI Summer Reading List! (It’s included in the Southeast Division.) Spread the word to  bookstores, librarians, teachers, homeschoolers. Free PDF download (click here).


March 2016


It’s here! My latest book from Enslow Publishers. Starving: Can We Feed Everyone? is part of the “The End of Life As We Know It” series which explores the impact we are having on the earth and what we need to do about it. My title focuses on food: how it’s grown, harvested, packaged, and processed–and how that affects the environment–with possible solutions, such as agroecology. It includes ways teens can take action now–from tracking types of foods eaten to helping at soup kitchens or starting a community garden. I love the layout, shown in the 4 page spreads below.


Spring 20153530896_orig

Festival of Authors at South Regional Library in East Naples, Florida.

May 2014

Great news! The Book TV Cities Tour Fort Myers The Right to Counsel interview was selected and adapted as a Bell Ringer activity for C-SPAN Classroom. Click here for full Background and Outcome activity page.


April 2014


The Right to Counsel (Enslow Publishers, 2009)

When Book TV’s Cities Tour program featured Fort Myers, Florida, they interviewed me about The Right to Counsel: From Gideon v. Wainwright to Gideon’s Trumpet. It aired April 19-20 on C-SPAN2 and local cable. Click to watch the video.




October 2013


Participating in the “Harvest of Local Authors” book signing at Barnes and Noble, Waterside Shops in Naples. Shown here with fellow author Carolyn Joy.

February 2013


At Marco Island Writers AuthorFest held at the Marco Island Art League


November 2011

goldFINALISTlogoExciting news! Dealing with Stress (Onslow Publishers, 2011) was named a finalists in the Young Adult nonfiction category in the USA Book News “Best Books of 2012” contest. It was serendipitous that ebooks of this title also released this month! It’s now available in Kindle and Nook formats (with iBooks and Kobo options coming soon).

October 3, 2011

Dealing with Stress

My latest book is now available

It’s here! I’m delighted to hold my latest book in my hands. Previews and galleys showed a white background for the cover so I was pleasantly surprised to see a blue background.

I’m also pleased that this book will be sold as both a hardback and a paperback. This is a first for Enslow (at least among the four books I’ve published with them). Since it targets teens, I think it’s important to have an affordable version of the book so readers can by a copy for themselves.

Those who have heard me speak or have participated in writing workshops also know that I’m actively writing fiction. I’ll have some great news to share about those endeavors soon, so stay tuned!


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