Last Lap in the Holiday Dash

The deadline is here! It’s crunch time in the parking lots and around the stores. I’m so glad I’m done with the holiday dash. Our family celebrated last weekend so I was a crazy person just one week ago.

Still, I created my own holiday deadline stress: I was determined to sort out a Christmas lights issue. I solved it and cannot wait for dark so I can bask in the silvery glow of lights on my lanai.

During Thanksgiving weekend I finally found clips that would allow me to hang lights on my lanai. I was so happy! This is my fourth Christmas here and every attempt to hang lights was disappointing when clips and lights all collapsed. This year the clips worked.

The lights are still up but after four nights all but one string went dark. I’ve messed around with them without luck and had finally given up. After catching up on sleep, I decided to try once more.

It worked! I have lights! I’m so happy, especially because I made the “Christmas deadline.” Yeah! Such a simple thing to bring such joy.