Summer on my Time


It’s summer. Time for teachers to regroup and other occupations to slow down, vacation, reorganize. Since I juggle teaching with writing and consulting, summer for me means doing things at my pace, on my time.  Well, most things. I’m scheduled to teach both condensed sessions for summer term at the college where I’m an adjunct. Also, writing workshops filled and one was even extended, so I’m teaching later into the summer than usual. 
   I usually spend my summers reorganizing. “Season” here in Florida, which for me is ultra hectic with writing workshops offered at various venues, has ended. So, by the time May arrives, my office is trashed. (I tend to dump workshop supplies or book bags and files on the extra office chair or on the floor in front of my desk.)
   I review handouts and weed extra papers from folders before I finally refill them. I note activities or discussions that worked, and those that didn’t, along with ideas to try next time. I also clean and sort craft supplies, paper, and pencils to store until next season. 
   All of this generally happens in fits and starts. I might begin sorting or weeding or filing and then get distracted with an article idea. A growling tummy or parched throat sends me to the kitchen where I end up creating something yummy to eat and hours later return to whatever I’d started in my office. Sometimes I simply take a break on the lanai and notice wildlife. Wonderings lead to wandering the web for help in  identifying a bird or something in the pond. (Did you know there is fish that looks sort of like an alligator? They are placed in some of the ponds to clean and eat algae. They’re called alligator gars.)
   Of course I do have days with appointments so I mind the clock then and cannot indulge in this “on my time” sort of life. But THIS summer MOST of my time is scheduled. As I mentioned, I’m teaching both Summer A and Summer B terms and, for some reason, they are back-to-back. Not even a day off between them. 
   I do have a day each week without anything scheduled (usually Fridays) but I’ve been spending that time reading–or grading papers. So, the book bags and files and supplies are piled neatly out of the way in the corner of my office or under the window. 
  Eventually I’ll get to them– in my time, after I research alligator gars. After I write that story scene. After I read the new book I bought. I need to create an “on my time” schedule. After all, this is supposed to summer break.